Raj Engineers was incorporated in 2006 by qualified and highly experienced foundry engineers. The foundry is situated in the part of Ahmedabad city at distance of 10km. from Ahmedabad railway station and 10km. from airport. The foundry is constructed in an plot area of 1980 sq. yards with a working area of 1800 sq. yards, and has full facilities to produce radiography quality steel/alloy steel and stainless steel industrial and valve castings, the main production being valve castings. Quality of castings is controlled by well drawn quality plan and system led by qualified people to make R. G. quality castings.

Ball Valve Castings, Check Valve Castings, Butterfly Valve Castings, Gate Valve Castings, Globe Valve Castings, Knife Gate Valve Castings, Strainer Valve Castings, Engineering Castings, Safety Valve Castings, Super Duplex Steel Castings, Aluminum Bronze Castings, Pump Castings.

Type of Castings:

  • All types of valve castings such as Safety Valve / Gate Valve / Globe Valve / Check Valve / Ball Valve / Strainers etc.

  • Pump Castings

  • SS Castings for refineries, fertilizers and chemical plants

  • Tooth point and hammer castings for mining, earth moving and construction equipment(Abrasion Resistant)

Rating of Valve Castings as per API Specification:

  • 150# upto size 24" and 300# upto 20"

  • 600# upto size 14" we also make castings upto 5000# psi rating in smaller sizes

Foundry Details & Facilities

  • Medium frequency induction melting furnace with 1200kg. & 500kg. crucibles.

  • Auto mix no-back moulding with oil and no-back cores.

  • Electric heat treatment furnace, trolley type with 9 point temp. recorder & water quenching facility.

  • Shot blasting machine 72" two table.

  • Over head cranes 5T, 5T.

  • Knockout machine.

  • In-house Impact ISO machining.

  • Work with ERP foundry software (CBS)

Third Party Approvals

Our foundry is approved by following inspection agencies for making R. G. quality valve castings.